Helping you enjoy your garden more

Gardening Coach

How do you feel about your garden? Need some help, but not sure where to start?  Or perhaps you just need a helping hand to get you started?  Maybe you just need some advice or help to get started on a gardening project, or task.

I offer tailored practical advice, coaching and support to help you create and maintain your ideal garden. I’ll work with you as a Gardening Coach in your own garden.

Gardening training

Would you like to:

  • understand the plants in your garden better (eg, the conditions they like, how to prune them, things you can do to help them flourish)?
  • learn how to grow plants from seed, or take cuttings?
  • feel confident that your garden centre purchases will truly suit your garden’s size, terrain and conditions? 

I’ll tailor any training to meet your needs, enabling you to enjoy and manage your garden more. 

Gardening for health and well-being

Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits, from the satisfaction of practical work, to feeling at one with nature.  Gardening can literally help us feel grounded and assists us to relax.  For individuals or small groups seeking to explore this further, I can offer a session or develop a programme to suit your interests and ability, with tailored activities reflective of the season.

All services are offered on an hourly basis, or for an agreed number of sessions.

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