what is a Gardening Coach?

I offer tailored practical advice, coaching and support to help you create and maintain your ideal garden. I’ll work with you as a Gardening Coach in your own garden.  I’ll work with you to develop and maintain your garden to suit your needs.  This could be:

  • Ensuring your garden has all year interest
  • Gardening for wildlife
  • Designing your garden so that it works better for you
  • Planning that your garden has regular flowers for cutting
  • Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • Designing a new flower border
  • Sowing and maintaining a wildflower meadow
  • Any other aspect of having outdoor space that you’d like to benefit from

What do I offer?

  • I’ll meet with you to discuss your gardening needs
  • We’ll agree a plan to move things forward
  • I’ll help you carry out the plan, by offering practical, 1-1 coaching and advice
  • I’ll also offer ongoing one-to-one support to keep you focused on what to do and when
  • You choose which support will help you the most